Firewall Blocking Activity

I have noticed my Comodo (free) firewall blocking UDP requests from the WDTVLH to svchost.exe on my laptop. My firewall is set to allow only outgoing requests from svchost.exe per recommendations on the Comodo forum. Does anyone know what this activity is? My firewall log goes back only a couple of days but there are hundreds of these requests blocked.

svchost is a wrapper for a service, not a speciifc process.   You’ll need to find out what service that’s handling.

I don’t know how to figure that out. They are incoming messages from the wdtvlh to svchost.exe on my laptop. They are UDP messages coming from a different wdtvlh port each time but always to the same port on my laptop.The last 150 or so have been to port 61455 but over the past couple of days, I see it trying to talk to ports 49913 and 55446 as well as 61455. The wdtvlh is off (standby). What is it trying to get from my laptop? I just checked it again, in the past hour it has been trying port 53045 about 25 times.

Might check the Network subforum since this sounds like a networking issue.

Thanks. I did post at Network.