Finding the perfect nas setup for our media!

Let me start by explaining how and why my setup is before I get to the questions…

I’m trying to find the perfect balance between security and easy access of media files on my NAS_(Netgear ReadyNas Duo 2x2 tb)_. I want it so that anyone in our family can access our media files which mostly is music, fotos and private video recordings from any computer or media unit in our home network without having to log in, but I also want it in such a way that they cannot accidentally delete, edit or move any of the media files!

My NAS has a media share which contains the following folders:

  1. BitTorrent (Default system created folder, not sure I’m ever gonna use it)
  2. Music (Contains all our digital music)
  3. Pictures (Contains all our family pictures taken with digital cameras)
  4. Recycle Bin (Activated by me so I can roll back accidentally deletions)
  5. Videos (Contains all our family videos taken with digital cameras)

The media share is set to read only in default access and with guest access allowed.

This means that anyone from our home network can access the media share without having to log in, they can read, copy and execute but cannot change anything which is what I want.

I have disabled remote access to the nas, so the guest access shouldn’t be a problem!

I have created a user account on my nas for our WD TV Live Hub which gives both read/write access, so I can use the get info, rate and other fun stuff on the hub for music, videos and pictures (hopefully someday they get the “Get info for music” and rating problems sorted out so that it works as intended)

So here are my questions:

  1. Would it be better to create a share for each of the Video, Pictures & Music folders, so I can devide the write permissions or perhaps just disable the hub from having write permissions?

  2. Is there any way to hide the Recycle Bin folder_(except from adding a period in front of the folder name which I don’t believe my nas would accept)_ so that the hub doesn’t scan it for media?
    (Removing the Recycle Bin is not an option for me as long the hub has write access, our youngest son played with the remote a few days ago and managed to delete some folders and a few other things *lol*)

  3. What’s your experience with connecting as Network share versus Media Server for pictures and music?
    (To me, Media Server seems faster and more reliable, but is a bit limited when it comes to supported file formats)

  4. _ _How is your idea of a perfect nas setup for the hub?
    (feel free to show it here, maybe I and others can find inspiration from it)

i’m honored to be the first to say those are some nice ideas :slight_smile: