Finding photos saved to Mycloud from android

I regularly save my photos to MyCloud. I can access them from my android device but can’t seem to find them directly through my Desktop. What am I doing wrong? Also I just got an Android tablet and am having a difficult time setting up MyCloud on it. Wait is over an hour before quitting.

@bibarnes Do you own a My Cloud Home or a My Cloud? You have created this topic in the My Cloud Home sub-forum.

If you own a My Cloud have you installed the Mobile app on your tablet?

On you Desktop, what brand of computer and operating system do you have?
If you are using the mobile app on your android device (Phone) what do you have set up in Settings?

I will answer in order

1 yes I have it loaded on my galaxy S7 and my Galaxy Tab A8

  1. The computer brand is a custom built for me

8GB RAM 2 SSD and 2 500GB HD quad core 3.2 GHz processir ans Windows 10 professional

I am reasonably sure that the photos are on the MyCloud because I can see photos from a previous phone that I was not able to transfer phone to phone.

  1. Auto sync y

Sync int 3min

Warn y

Cache on

Cache size 13 gb

Clear cache used 0 free 13.96gb

Firmware current

Back up opt auto photos videos

App ver 4.4.11

Analytics turned off

Thanks for the reply.