Finding my stuff on My Passport

I bought a 750gb My Passport to backup my pix, music, and doc. so that i could wipe my laptop hd clean.   I was able to backup everything and i wiped my laptop hd clean.   My laptop was now in “out of the box” form,  everything was like new, but when i plugged in My Passport and reinstalled it,   all it did was backup current data on the my cleaned hd.  I could not retrieve or find all my pix, music, and doc. from the previous hd backup.  Please Help?  

Hello heres a couple of  questions to further assist you what is the model number of  the  hard drive?

is it a laptop or a desktop?

What OS are you running MAC or Windows?

Hi it is a My Passport Essential

using it on a Toshiba Laptop

running Windows Vista x64

This should help you. So called “dud” backup you have already done. Proceed from that point.

Mabikay - SLK

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