Finder OSX not see my USB drive connect to WD My Cloud

After update to fw 04.00.00-607 Finder in OSX not see my usb drive connect to WD My Cloud. Drive is visible in web UI.

I try restart Mac and WD. It did not help.

Hi martig, this issue is currently under investigation. 

Next problem with this update. My Cloud himself disconnects.

I have the exact same problem.  Before update my USB attached drive was visible in finder and now it is not.  I have to access it through ‘go to server’ ‘smb://…’ ’

Really annoying.


    let me add some more information about this issue that I experience as well. This happens when I mark my external disk as private (of course I do give my self the proper read/write rights). When I change it to public then the external disk is visible from my OSX Finder.

Same issue for me, but also attaching a drive (USB3.0 portable hard drive) to USB port also brings the WD MyCloud to a standstill.