Find me a way to watch videos with srt

I have WDMyCloud 4TB. I use DLNA for connecting to Samsung Smart TV (UE-48JU6610). As u know, DLNA doesn’t support srt files… (at least samsung support tells me that)

Now i need an advice. What should i do (or use) to watch movies on my Smart TV with subtitles via MyCloud… One of the reason was that to buy this product.

Thnx <3

you can probably install miniDLNA (via Nazar’s app thread) and turn off MyCloud’s media server…

Absolutely NOT true. DLNA does support SRT subtitle files. Its just, as was explained previously, your Samsung Smart TV DLNA client does not (from streaming network content). We covered this in your previous thread and provided one potential solution to get around the issue that include burning in (hard coding) the subtitles into the video file.

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The problem in this instance is the DLNA client used on certain Samsung TV not supporting SRT from network sources. There have been several prior threads on this particular Samsung TV issue.

If one does an internet search they’ll see that others using other NAS devices are having similar problems with certain Samsung smart TV’s.

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They told you that their Media Client in a Samsung TV is not able to use SRT files provided via Ethernet. @Bennor described well the truth.

so u guys say “burning in (hard coding) the subtitles into the video file” is the only solution for me? It tooks so long and quality getting worse…

Not sure why the quality would get worse. I’ve used Handbrake to hard code/embed/burn in subtitles from SRT files to MP4 video files and didn’t notice any change in the video quality.

Is the suggested workaround the ONLY option? No. You can pester Samsung to see if they’ll fix their DLNA client to work with certain NAS devices like the My Cloud where their TV’s are having trouble streaming media. You can use a third party device like; a Raspberry pi loaded with Kodi, Amazon Fire TV loaded with Kodi, or a Roku all of which should support playing SRT files from the Twonky Media Server embedded in the My Cloud to your Samsung TV. You can load the video file + SRT file onto a USB drive and plug that into your Samsung TV. Or simply use the method above to burn in/embed the subtitles which isn’t necessarily the best workaround to your problem, but is a workaround.

Or buy a TV with a DLNA client that does support SRT subtitles…

I’d recommend an ‘external smart device’; one of those Bennor mentioned, or one of the hundreds of ‘android media boxes’ available from your favourite internet vendor…

Yes that is another option. LOL.

Based on the number of complaints specific to Samsung TV’s both here on this support forum and in a general internet search, there is obviously something wrong with the DLNA client used on certain Samsung TV’s when used to access content on a variety manufacturer’s NAS drives.

Learn another language? :grinning:

Or a Amazon Fire Stick for $40, sideload Kodi and play movies from share