Find latest Red firmware version on site?


Bought 6 red drives. They have firmware 82.00A82 installed (according to SMART)

Now i like to know if there are any new versions, but i can’t find a version on the support page.

Found a Windows check tool but that seems to do a online lookup and needs the disks attached to a computer. The disks are installed in a (no windows) NAS.

Hello, welcome to the community.

Normally WD internal drives do not have a firmware upgrade tool. Can you share the name of the tool or from where you got it?

like  moderator lluna said dont expect to update your drive like it was an operating system update.

99% of the time the firmware is good and will not be any update in the future… ( i know that for example the “sea of gates” had some problem and several units needed a firmware update but this is not the usual on WD

thanks, could not reply sooner because of the layout update.

Why i’m asking. I heard something about the Red’s having the same “problem” as the Green. The fanatic Parking issue.