Find/edit twonky xml files

Hi all I have 2 Panasonic Viera TVs so annoyingly my files are being sorted by creation date, after doing lots of searching through lots of forums I have found a solution I would like to try but I do not know how.

The solution is detailed below and involves editing the Panasonic Viera xml file on twonky, but I do not know where this is or how to edit it. Please help!



You’ll have to enable SSH  and login to linux on the MyCloud, via SSH.

See my Twonky FAQ:

Thanks for that, I managed to edit the xml file and now everything is sorted Alphabetically on my Panasonic TV rather than by date, it was so aggravating, much better now! :smiley:

Hi, thanks very much for putting up this workaround. I tried this, however I am running into issues where the filesystem is readonly and won’t allow me to modify the Panasonic_VIERA.xlm file. Can you please advise how I can get around this issue so that I can enter the IGNORESORT Quirk tag?

Have you tried changing the file permissions via SSH? Once you change the file to read/write and edit the file, change it back to its default setting.

Hi, I’m running into the same issue, read-only file system.
How can I change the permission for the file.
I tried chmod u+w Panasonic_VIERA.xml and it does not work.

Please answer.

Edit: I managed a workaround which works until the device is restarted.
I have to wait a few days to observe how often I have to repeat it.
If required, I could add it here.