Finally got moviesheet work'en!

After days of head banging, I finally was able to get moviesheet working.

However it came with a price of performance.

viewing movie files has become way too slow, i guess its d firmware at fault.

After trying various tutorials,

I tried my own trial n error method in which I got successful.

I’m currently using Final Anodized Customised Moviesheet THEME V1.2.2 v2

it also works properly with ExtremeMix’s  theme.

I hav all the movies in d same folder

my movie folder structure…


Black Hawk Down.mkv

Black Hawk Down.jpg   —> moviesheet

Black Hawk Down.xml


Bolt.jpg      —> moviesheet


I am very much happy with the movie sheet but the slow viewing speed takes out all the fun.

is there any other way to speed things a bit

I have used Lstar’s 337 template




Hi Azeem50

Great to hear that you got moviesheets working its a nice feeling to see it on your Hub LOL i know how i felt the first time i discovered the trick …

Yes fullscreen 1280x720 moviesheets will slow down your box something terrible in Gallery mode.

A few fixs

1 Try using List View,  

2 Arrange your movies in individual folders

3 Try either mine or firetix Wide Sheet Themes

4 Try Joey’s theme, but you need smaller moviesheets (use his template)

5 Lastly you can also use a different smaller template with my or firetix themes.

Hope that helps, however they all come with a price to pay as i see you are using the cover tickle moviehseet…i think your best bet would be to use List view

extremedigital answer’s /suggestion is correct.

Since it seems you are using  covertrickle sheets.

Try the wide sheet themes.

and also

Try list view its much much faster, you will like it since you’re using covertrickle sheets.

but currently

I am using the wide sheets themes and its gallery view (the delay is much reduced)… to view cover trickle sheets, as it can be seen in my preview videos  since, its quite a hassle to press the button on the remote to change views.

from one view to the other, as there’s no short cut for doing so e.g. go to list view directly…

With the widesheets theme you can have all your movies and respective moviesheets in a single folder.

btw the moviesheets are looking nice on your samsung :smiley:

Hi firetix is correct the wide themes are much faster as alot of stuff has been ‘cut out’

The main 2 reasons for the speed increase are:—

  1. The thumbnails are reduced to 3 per page

  2. The backdrops are removed from loading from the internet

And quite a few more tweaks that in all honesty i cannot even remember how firetix and i found out LOL… :smileyvery-happy:

However List view will always still be faster than even the Wide theme’s Gallery view

btw is there a way to bind a view with the numeric buttons of the remote?

I don’t like the fact that i have to press the buttons 2 or 3 times to go to another preferred view.

I don’t think so Firetix, re buttons.

Thx allot guys for responding so fast

FIRETIX WIDE SHEET theme is perfect for me

on the list view it works very spontaneously , just instead of scrolling to the right I have to scroll downwards

Azeem50 Hi,

Is it possible to help me about how you make it work (How can the moviesheet work), because i have about two weeks and i have lost my mind about what to have to do.

Thank you in advance.


hi Nikolas,

There is a detailed tutorial on moviesheet here

u can keep all ur movies in 1 folder or in their respective folder

use thumbgen for generating moviesheets here

download templates from here

use themes like firetix widesheet or anodized theme

i preffer firetix theme, it works perfectly with covertrickle moviesheet 

when u generate moviesheet rename it like this

300.mkv (movie)

300.jpg (moviesheet)


thats it, u r done!!!

Thank you very very much.

I’ll try it!