Finally got it all working... but

So here is my setup:

WDTV Live with TrendNet USB stick N on it

TrendNet 672 router

Windows 7 home

1tb WD NAS drive plugged into the router

I can watch movies no problem from NAS.

I can watch Hulu from my Windows 7 home pc no problem

When I try and browse the media server on my windows 7 pc and play a home movie (recorded on a canon camera) it will jitter and skip audio.

Remember, the same PC plays Hulu no problem.  But other media from there I cant get to work right.  I really wanted to browses through my folders and play old movies we recorded of the family from our digital video camera, etc.

The trick to this whole setup is really your wireless router.  I just about through my trendnet out the door until i figured out the wireless setttings.

Make sure you have no B clients running on your network.  Kills the speed to 54 megs

Make you select the correct security  WPA AES   any other security will kill your speed

Make sure you select 20/40 on the wireless

Make sure you select Green Field, not mixed mode.  You will lose distance, but this ensures best performance.

Thanks for the info.  Hopefully others will see it and get help.