Filtering album art from photo slide show

I’ve copied my photo collection to the internal drive. It is organized into folders by year/month. When I set the photos filter to ‘all’, I get album art and I don’t want that. If it set it to folders and click the play button while the root folder for my photos is selected, I get no pictures.

I was thinking I could mark my photos as favorites and use that filtering, but it appears that marking a folder as a favorite does not translate into its contents being favorites.

Any suggestions?

This is something that bothers me also!!!

I understand that album and films covers are pictures, but it makes no sense to have them appearing mixed with the family photos.

There should be a workaround for that, or WD should add some “exclusion rule” feature to avoid this mixing.



What a dumb oversight / bug by WD.  Please fix this.

Workaround:  Set your filter to “Folders”  (instead of "all’)

Then, you can navigate to your real photos folder and play them.