Filter & Genre thoughts

Question to all senior theme developers, I read some where in the blog that Filter & Genre doesn’t work effectively  trying to sort by genre…

 Ive been playing with the  Filter & Genre, using MOJO 1.09.08 (msp) theme, I know what Im going to say might be dumb and someone has done this, but I didn’t see anything on the blog and sharing my thoughts and ideas…

Ive setup through thumbgen the moviesheets and XML needed , so MOJO can run effectively  with all the bells and whistles with MOJO.

My folders, as example primary folder called Movies (root), and  then sub directories called action, adventure scifi etc, ,  with all of the associated files needed with each movie within their prospective Genre.

Thereafter,  Ive moved all the xmls, and jpegs to a separate dir, and just leave the movies in their prospective genre. Thereafter purge / delete any cache, and restart the hub.

Then I started to use wd hub get info function, and went through the process systematically adding new meta xmls and jpegs for each movie,  interesting enough, Ive copied back only the jpegs, and remodify the wd xml to show my moviesheet, and it works perfect 100%… with the sort by genre

Ive looked at wd xml and thumgen xml, not sure, but it has very small diff between both files and I wonder if the creator of thumbgen could take a look at it, and see if he could mimic wd xml, it might make a huge diff and add a very desire functionality by using other themes verus the generic wd theme.

Any thoughts and I hope it made sense what I said in the above…

To answer your question.  It is not the structure of the xml that makes a difference, it’s how the xml is added.  Using “Get Info” caches the xml as where user added xml’s are not. 

Even if the TG xml was exactly the same as the “Get Info”, you still would not be able sort by genre because it would not be cached.

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so if I dont do a clear the cache in the media library function, it should still work, even though, the hub shuts down or reboot, genre aspect should continue to run as it should ?? Correct…


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