Films keep cutting out


the last few months films have been cutting out using my WD Home drive. this has happened through x 2 smart tv’s a WD tv box, x 2 Bluray players with interenet connection etc, so it had to be the Nas drive. It happens across several formats of films, when it does happen I try to re locate the drive and its missing for several minutes, then it appears again. Was advised to rebuild the drive but want to ask if there is something else I can do or should do before I find out how to do this…!

Many Thanks


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… using my WD Home drive …[/quote]
What specific My Cloud model do you have? The My Cloud Home units are different than the single bay My Cloud units (the subject of this subforum).

How is the My Cloud setup on the local network? Does it have a static or reserved IP address? Is it connected to a Gigabit router?

If using a single bay My Cloud unit see the following unofficial Twonky FAQ for additional information that may be useful.

Which My Cloud do you have, i.e. one of the previous models or the brand new My Cloud Home released this past week? Which WDTV do you have?

Hi Guys

Thanks for you replies, its not a new unit had it over a year believe the model number is WDBCTL0030HWT-EESN 3TB the unit is set up on a Gibabit router I belive it has a static address? On set up I just plugged it into the router and followed the WD guide to setting it up.

The other common factor is your network, of course.

Are these devices connecting via WiFi?

Is your local WiFi environment congested?

Are the devices getting a good signal strength? And no interference?

I have since changed network, and still having the issues the although not a Gbit I have a TP link device that runs through the mains. I have had everything else connected to the intenet switched off and it stil happens. its as though the unit just shuts down as I can not see it on the network when it does it. Ill try the rebuild and see what happens I have backed up all of my media on another drive so might reset and start again…

Thanks for your advice and support.

Neither reset should delete your data. But backing it up first is probably wise. Of course, a backup is always wise, reset or not…

I also suggest you put your network back together on the router; not the TP link house wire gadget before proceeding.

Good point. I missed the significance of the TP-Link bit.