Filmic Pro


You claim that it is possible to record directly on the My Passport using the Filmic Pro app on an iPhone or Android. How does this work? I went through the user’s manual and found no explanation of this. Please advise. Best


This has nothing to do with WD (You claim that …), it is actually a feature offered by the filmic pro app. You should really ask them!
As I have the app I thought I would check it out. In Filmic Pro go to Setting/Device/Archive target. When MPWP is on you should see it listed in Archive target, Just select it. How it works? I don’t know as I haven’t tried it yet.


Thanks for your answer but I insist on the fact that you mention this feature on your Website to present the product. So yes “ you claim that “. If you don’t agree or don’t know, don’t mention it in your products features…
Anyway thank you for your quick answer. I’ll try to check if it works with all SSDs


Fair enough, but in reference to (…your website…) Please note that this is a community forum. The majority of members (myself included) have no affiliation with WD other than owning one of their products, and simply use the forum to seek assistance from other members, or to share our product experiences with others.

If you are seeking assistance from, or wanting to complain to WD staff or the WD company (sounds like you are), then you should use WD Support Page and lodge your complaint there, not here with the WD ‘community’. We are simply product ‘Users’ just like you and have no influence over what WD does or does not do.


Haha sorry about that. I got confused by the way you answered the question and thought you were part of WD :flushed::hugs:. Thanks for your help


I tried on my iPad setting filmic pro to archive and auto archive after selecting a folder on the MPWP. No luck getting it working. Maybe it’s only for ssd version.
Would be useful on phone if it worked as it only a 32gb model.
Let us know if you figure out how to get it working.:slightly_smiling_face:


I’m working on getting this working as well. I tried used the MPWP SSD with FiLMiC Pro right after this feature was announced. I noticed that there was a new FiLMiC Pro app available that stated one of the updates was support for this feature. After downloading the update and setting it up etc. I could not get it to work.

However, several days late another FiLMiC Pro update was released and it mentioned bug fixes and improvements in the release notes. I’ve not had a chance to test the latest version of the app, but I also feel that it would be worth getting in touch with support at FiLMIC Pro,

I’ll try getting it working over the weekend and report back with either success or failure.

I hope this helps.


I got in touch with Filmic support and here is what they told me:
Thank you for writing in. We have recently released a new feature in collaboration with WD that is capable of automatically archiving footage wirelessly to WD Passport Pro as you complete a shot. We will have proper instruction and video tutorials released very soon.

So… we will soon find out


Interesting that Filmic refer to ‘archiving’ after shooting and WD say FiLMiC Pro users will be able to connect to the My Passport Wireless SSD to write footage ‘directly’ to the drive.
One implies backing up the shoot to the HDD from the iPad (automatically if desired), the other suggests that the shoot in progress will be recorded directly to the HDD. In the latter case a device with limited storage will have access to the size of the HDD while filming (excellent), in the former, filming is still limited to the device available storage (limited).
So it seems this ‘feature’ is really just an auto archive/backup of files to MPWP HDD?


Yep agreed it’s not the same. Filmic words are confusing « archiving while completing a shot». Does not specify if the phone internal memory is used.
Will update this thread when their make it clearer


Just received this reply from FilmicPro. Seems it just archives after all.

Thank you for writing in. If you enable “Automatically Archive Footage” after you set your archive target, clips will automatically upload as soon as a clip is finished recording. This setting is found under Settings>Device.

Please let me know if you have additional questions and I will be happy to assist.

Best Regards, FiLMiC Pro Support


I’m running the latest version of FiLMiC Pro now and the it will archive the recording as soon as the recording is stopped I used it for servers hours over the weekend and it performed flawlessly. In the preferences/setting, it has to be setup and a folder picked to archive the footage to. The speed seemed fast and the connection stable. I’ll be able to take advantage a of this feature, but I’d have preferred being able to record directly to the SSD. Hopefully a feature that can be implemented in the future.


Can anyone confirm if compatibility is only for the My Passport Wireless SSD but not for the My Passport Wireless Pro? The WD website only shows the FiLMiC Pro support under the SSD version. What’s interesting though is that other Shares show up in the FiLMiC Pro App making me think that maybe it would work for the Pro model as well.
Trying to decide which model to purchase.


Works on my MPWP with Filmic. It appears to require tapping the cloud upload symbol in the replay list to initiate (rather than automatically doing it). Maybe way I have set it up?


I asked the Filmic support team about other NAS compatibility. Here is their answer:

I believe there is some capability built into the feature now that will allow you to access other WD NAS as long as the NAS is not password protected, but we are still testing this ability. I can’t say for sure where this feature is headed as far as integrating other wireless hard drives as it is very new, but you can keep an eye on our twitter account for announcements of this nature.