Filling their pockets with our money

Let’s talk about the WD Sharespace, in this case the 8TB version, bought for €900,- and having some issues.

Please react to this post if you think that despite the fact the support is slow, bad, incomplete and unsatisfying, and the networkspeed of this Sharespace is dramatically slow, the AD (2k3/2k8) support is far from perfect, the acces to the downloader page is not working, neither the upload speed and downloadspeed is something that brings tears to your eyes, and they can get away with this ■■■■.

In my opinion they do this to empty our pockets, sitting on hawai sipping pinacolada having beautiful girls around them and we sit here in the rain arguing, cursing in every language on the planet, while they do nothing about it.

Mine is from Januari 2010, i guess if they really would do something about this problem, i guess that they could at least make improvements in the design. I don’t think so that they do such a thing.

Anyone else thinks otherwise??? Please, i ask you, react to this… 

I take my 8tb box as a gift, so I dont lost my money. But I agree that in case of poor network perfomance - the problem persist. Also persist problem with detection some UPSes. Also persist problem with ctorrent (unable to choose files inside torrent) and so on.

The same situation

In this device nothing works good!!!

Сtorrent doesn’t work good (wd support told me not use more than 3 torrent task at once, they must be kidding??? how to keep rating in private torrent network???)

Network speed so very bad!!!

I bought it as home network storage. I think it will be good to have a thing like this

I dream that it will use torrents to download and upload multimedia and any devices at my home will use it.

If two devices in my net tries to read files from WD and ctorrent works on it - nothing works

My old PC with a gigabit Ethernet that I use before WD was MUCH MUCH BETTER.

I think WD lies to us in its adverts and lies to us on its website.

Even on a box with that sharespace(slowspace) they writes:

“instead of standard 10/100 Ethernet network storage that gives you 8 MB/s our WD Sharespace gigabit Ethernet gives you 35 МВ/s”

But the fact is that instead of standard 10/100 Ethernet network storage that gives you 8 MB/s our WD Sharespace gigabit Ethernet gives you 8 МВ/s

Very funny

I bought this Slowspace without reading any forums because WD for me was the company with very good reputation. I have WD TV Live, WD My passport, many WD HDDs in my PCs. And all of them work well. But I even can’t expect such a surprise from WD when I got this Slowspace.

Very funny:

[deleted for violation of privacy]

Seems like throwing the ball from one side to the other. And customer still have unresolved issue.

I asked the Support how to update the twonky server. No Response until now. :wink: