Files with Question Mark Invisible

I just made the mistake of upgrading my firmware from 1.04.XX to the most recent available, 1.06.XX

Now any file on my USB connected external drive which has a question mark in the name isn’t displayed at all.  But the file is there, as I can see it when I connect the drive to my Mac, and if I remove the question mark, the file is shown on the WD Live again.

Any way I can revert to an earlier version of the firmware?  Or some solution for the files with question marks in the title becoming visible again?


Take a look at this link:

How to roll back the firmware on a WD TV Live HD Media Player or WD TV Live Plus HD Media Player 

Yes and no as a solution.

I downloaded 1.06.16_B abd put the three files on my external USB drive, and then connected it to my WD Live and tv.

Showed up as 2.06.16_B but that wasn’t a problem as the pdf instructions indicated this was a possibiility.

Settings - New Firmware Available - Install - Reboot.

After three reboots, it still showed new firmware available, although now I could definitely see the files that had been invisible, with the question marks in their titles.

So, I had to disconnect the drive and connect it to my computer, delete the three files from there, and then connect it to my WD Live again.

Now it seems to be working - files show up, and the About in Settings shows firmware version 1.06.16_B

So, yes, it was a solution - after I installed and then removed the upgrade software from my USB external drive.