Files were there, now they're not...?

I have 96 movies on my PC HD. They all used to show up on my WD TV Live but, now only 54 are showing up. They are seen and accessible on two other computers on the same network. What could be going on? Im using Windows 7 Home Premium with 2TB HHD. Everything worked fine then all of a sudden this happened. Also now all the movies, I try to play through my WD TV Live player, plays for around 5 minutes then it freezes and kicks me back to the files page. I have a network set up. I go through Network Shares on my WD. If done resets. I’ve unplugged my WD, my router and my switch. I’ve even updated to a previous version. Nothing is working!!! What next? Could the WD have a virus?  The files are still there and can be played on all other computers just not the WD TV Live.

Do those remaining 46 files have something in common such as the codecs or file path?

No. There’s nothing in common. There are MKV and Video files both showing up and not showing up through the WD TV Live. They are showing on every other PC. The files show up listed alphabetically half way through the “L’s” ,they start up again half way through the “S’s”. Then  half way through the “W’s” they are a no show again. No rhyme nor reason. Nothing in common.

Are you using Avast antivirus?

Yes I am. I have been using Avast for years and the WD TV Live for a year and a half with no problems ever. Unless there was an update or some kind of change to the program that I don’t know about, I haven’t changed a thing. Do you know of a change or update that would have affected this?

There was, and it broke Windows Sharing. Search the forum and you’ll see the details.

Hey TonyPh12345 you were exactly correct. I un-installed Avast the reinstalled it but, did not do an update and whala. It worked again like nothing ever happened. Thank you so much. I tried so many different things,I didn’t know what to do next. This is the first time I couldn’t find the answer online. I had to sign into a forum and post my question. So Thanks for your rapid response and knowledge.

I can’t take credit.  Another user discovered that;  I’m just passing on that information.  :)   But glad you’re squared away!