Files Went Missing

Hello all.

I “lost” the video files on my external HDD after playing them on the WD TV Live.

The external HDD had three folders: Temporary backup folders for my two computers, and a “downloads” folder that I temporarily stored my files on (I was moving files between computers). WDTV was able to see and play the video files in the downloads folder, however, after I powered off the device and plugged my ext. hdd to my computer, I couldn’t find the downloads folder.

The other two folders were intact, and windows said that there were about 210gb worth of files in the ext. hdd, however, I cannot reach my files. I tried re-plugging the ext. hdd to WDTV again, and it continued to search for media on the drive without finding my lost files, saying “Scanning the attached USB device…”. It can see the other two folders, but not the “downloads”.

Can anyone help?



Never mind. Chkdsk solved the problem. The file indexes were causing the problem.

I guess while removing the ext. hdd something occurred and messed with the file indexes.

Thanks anyway.

Make sure that you safely remove the drive.  If you simply pull the USB cable, you can cause files to corrupt, also.

You may also consider deleting the .wdtv folder on the drive from your computer, in case of corruption. WD TV Live creates all the indexes and thumbnails in this folder. Once you plug the unit back into the Live, it’ll rescan your media and rebuild the library. But, definitely ejecting the drive before shutting the unit down will prevent corruption.

Thanks Jackster, I forgot about that one.