Files turned in Empty Folders!

Hi, i have noticed that some random files (in an external hard drive linked to my WD TV Live) are sometimes turned in empty folders. The consequence is that I lost my files. Even if I connect my hard drive to a windows laptop, there isn’t any solution. Any idea or solution?

Many others including myself have this same issue, I believe it has been caused by a bug in the firmware. A response and even better a fix from Western Digital would be great as I have some personal files that have also been affected by this issue.

Many thanks Techflaws, I managed to recover 99% of my files

Can you recommend a stable WD Live TV firmware version that doesn’t have this bug?

Thanks again!

From what I’ve gathered on the forums 1.06.15 is fine. Others prefer 1.05.04 as the most stable but you can’t rollback to it from 1.06.43 but need to baby step over 1.06.15 first.

The main problem with 1.06.15 is that auto frame rate doesn’t work. It’s annoying if you have a mixture of 24 and 25/30 fps material


I had the same problem with the disappeared files which were converted to zero folders and have made a rollback in steps down  to version 1.04.22 and because of network access to the player problems today to the version 1.05.04.

Actually the problem still is that I have no more direct access to my files on the connected drives at my wdtv-live.If I want to add new files I have to plug the drives out from the player and connect them again  in the pc to copy new files on it.

In network of the computer the wdtv-live and his subfolders are all visible, but i can’t open any folders or copy to that.

Any idea? Before all the up and downgrading of firmware all was working properly except the missing files problem.

Thank you