Files stop backing up but Drives still have activity

Only 39.01 GB (6,052 files) out of 140.52 GB (126,838) have backed up in ober 24 hours. However, only 56.4 MB (3,106 files) has backed up in 8 hours. There is constant activity with both drives, even after I have DISENGAGED all backups. I have updated the Firmware, both automatically and manually, restored factory settings, rebooted the EX2, all without any improvements. I have eliminated all users except fpr Admin, and have removed all devices from the EX2 except for my 2 computers. The main computer has a 1 GB Ethernet NIC, the other computer has a 100 MB capability. So far, WD support has been unable to help resolve this problem.

Does anyone have any suggestions before I format the drives and return this unit?


That’s a bit strange. I haven’t seen this case before. 

If you still in contact with WD Support, please let us know about the outcome.