Files starting with "!" and "ZZZZZ"?


I’m using a WD My Passport external HD on Windows 7 and recently moved my files to a new computer following the instructions here ( I was previously using the WD Backup software to make my backups.

I noticed that I have many many files which start with either “!!!” or “ZZZZZ”. These are also on the external HD itself. Not just at the top level, but within each folder which contains my files.

My question: are these MY files which have been corrupted? or is it simply naming / versioning scheme cruft used by the WD Backup software that can be safely deleted?

Thank you.


Yes, the files are NOT your files.I think you will find that they are mostly small files, a few hundred KB at most.

But I would not expect to see them on your computer drive. I think you could create a report case and report this to the WD Support techs.



Seeing this issue as well!
Did you find out what it was?

It’s been a long time since I did this, but if I recall correctly I think I deleted the files from my PC without issue. Wouldn’t delete from the drive through as the software may need it.