Files sorting not working in the Capacity graph

Hey everyone. I couldn’t find other topics about the same issue in my brief search, that’s why I’m creating this new one. If by any chance the question is already solved I would appreciate if you could provide me the link for that.

The question for me is that I’m transferring all my backup files to my new 2TB my cloud and the sorting is not acting properly under the Capacity graph. All my files are going under the “other” section. I have uploaded almost 200gb on videos and nothing under the Videos color and for my 50gb of music only 7 have been recognized as so.

I have also tried uploading directly from Finder and from the WD My Cloud app for mac.

Is there a way to fix that? Don’t know if that makes any difference for streaming through my network.


I’m using a Macbook pro with Mavericks.

The Capacity graph in the Dashboard is for general informational purposes only. There are two separate portions of the My Cloud OS at work here. First is Twonky Media Server and its categorizing of media files for DLNA clients. Second is how the Dashboard Capacity graph categorizes files. While the Capacity graph may sort certain files “wrong” it may be doing so because the file type is not recognized by the My Cloud OS firmware. The Twonky Media Server is a separate service running within the My Cloud OS and should stream to a DLNA client any media file it supports regardless of how the Capacity graph lists the file.

There is a bit more discussion on the Capacity graph in the following thread.

Thanks, but that´s still weird… All my music are mp3s, so why some are under music and the rest of them are not?
About videos, I have some MKV, AVI, and some other usual formats for videos. This just seem not to work at all.
Is there a way to be sure that the files will be uploaded properly? I´m thinking of resetting my drive to factory settings, should uploading files again correct this problem? Is there a better way for uploading files (Finder, Explorer or WD App)?
Something else, is there a way to make the My Cloud work with exFAT? I use my mac for leisure and personal stuff but I do have to use Windows for work, so all my external drives are currently formatted to exFAT.
I´m just asking because I would like to have a way to see the kind of files I have stored, so if I need to delete files I have a way to choose what to keep and what I could erase.
Thanks again

[quote=“almog, post:3, topic:141794, full:true”]
Is there a way to be sure that the files will be uploaded properly?[/quote]
If you copied the files over the My Cloud and you can view/access those files with Windows File Explorer, Mac Finder, or any of the WD software or apps then the files have been uploaded properly.

Again, the dashboard Capacity is for informational purposes ONLY it, AFAIK, does not affect file uploading. The only time you see the Capacity graph is when viewing the Dashboard. For day to day general My Cloud use one is typically using; Windows File Explorer, Mac Finder, or any of the WD software or apps to move files to and from the My Cloud. The Dashboard is used to administer and configure the various features/settings of the My Cloud and to perform Safepoint backups to other storage devices.

If you have not already done so it is strongly recommended one read the WD My Cloud User Manual. It explains the various ways to move data to and from the My Cloud.

Thank you Bennor,

I’ve read most os the manual but I still have some questions that I´m sure I´ll find the answers here or somewhere else. Anyway, thanks again.