Files shipped with Passport Pro

What are the necessary files and directories that are shipped with the Passport Pro? There seems to be a lot of unnecssary data and I would like to trim it down a bit before I start adding information and directories.

Are you asking for My Passport Pro or My Passport Wireless Pro? You can reformat the drive image if you wish to. Standard user manual and software shipped on the drive image can also be downloaded from

Sorry for the confusion, it is the Wireless Pro I am talking about. It just seems like a bunch of unnecessary files and dir’s to me. I am sure there a files and dir’s to run the device but it is the others I am talking about.

Thanks for the quick reply.


The folders on the MPW Pro’s user space partition contains user manual, desktop software and some tutorial videos I recall. Besides the videos, everything else can be obtained from the WD support site. You can reformat the drive and remove those folders if you find them unnecessary. I reformatted my MPW Pro with NTFS. FYI.