Files Retrieved From WD4tb Are Incomplete?

I wanted to store recorded videos on the WD/G drive for later editing, but when Power Director 13 tries to render an edited video from the WD/G drive it crashes. Not sure, but I’m guessing a codec gets lost during retrieval. I have a WD/F drive that doesn’t have this problem. So four drives total. Thank you for any help.


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What’s the file system on the drive?

Are you editing the files already stored on the drive or you are editing files that are on your computer and then saving then to the drive?

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Thank you! File system is NTFS.

I’m editing avi files on the WD4tb/G drive retrieved by Power Director on my C drive. The crash comes during rendering.

I’ve taken the WD4tb/G drive out of my input, output, editing, rendering  process and returned those duties to my older WD3tb/F drive and have not had any problems. You think having 4 drives is an issue?

So for some reason Windows media player was not set to share with everybody. Reset the security allowances and my video

editor no longer crashes.