Files randomly deleted/not uploaded

Hi all,

I am a new user of the WD Home Cloud and I currently move all my files to the device. It works quite well so far, I’m just experiencing one problem: When I move video files, initially it looks like all have been moved (i.e. no error is thrown or shown) but when I refresh the view in the Windows Explorer some of the files are simply removed and not accessible/visible anymore (as if they would have never been moved).

E.g. I move 10 video files and of those 10 sometimes 9 are moved, sometimes 8 sometimes only 2. I have no clue, what the problem could be. When I move one file after the other in a single way it usually works (sometimes although not). Uploading it via the web interface worked so far without a problem, only the move via the windows explorer is buggy.

Any ideas or any one experiencing the same?


@vongpjes sounds like you have some soft or 3rd party Anti Virus, Security, End Point Protection and or firewall installed on the computer that may be stopping the data transfer. What software is it?
The following KBA may help

Thank you for your reply!

I really have G data installed … To test if that is really the cause I deactivated the whole suite and tried moving some files then (I moved a video file with 3 GB), but also then the file was never uploaded/removed. Could there be another reason? I mean, even if G Data is still installed it should not affect the upload if everything is deactivated, right?

@vongpjes Unfortunately G-Data remains active even when disabled as explained in the KBA article and must be completely removed.

REFERENCE: MyCloud Home Duo upload not possible - #15 by SBrown

I uninstalled G-Data now and it does work, thank you! The upload goes also way faster. I’ll contact the G-Data support to get their opinion and if the two products cannot co-exist then I’ll have to find a substitute for G-Data.

Are there any recommendations/experience about which Security suite works best with My Cloud Home?

I’m using now BitDefender and this seems to work (but the two steps described in the following posts must be taken):