Files on WD External noy accessible

I have WDBUZG001BBK-04 & I have Win10 on my NB t I used the eternal drive as backup for files, now I see the list of files but when i Try to enter the file receive an error message Location is not accessible, the device is not ready, how to proceed? Neither I can store anything

‘The device is not ready’ error occurs due to reasons such as:

  • External storage device already in use;
  • There are malware attacks;
  • There’s a serious hardware failure due to corrupt USB controller drivers.

Due to this error you will not be able to access your drive. However, you can try the below troubleshooting methods to fix the issue:

  • Run Hardware & Device Troubleshooter
  • Uninstall USB Controller Drivers
  • Run CHKDSK Command
  • Fix USB Root Hub
  • Update Device Drivers
  • Change/Assign Drive Letter

Further, you can also check the below link for more detailed methods:

Hope it helps!

Location is not available error pop-up sometimes appears due to incorrect user permissions. So I would suggest you to reset the permission by following the below steps

  • Do right-click on the drive and select the Properties option.
  • Go to the Security tab
  • Now, click the Edit button to manually enable the user and administrator permissions.
  • Check the “Full Control” box, it will automatically check all the boxes
  • Click the OK button, followed by the Apply button.
  • Still in that Security window referred to above, click on Users.
  • Then click the Edit button.
  • Now, decide what permissions you will give to other people who use the computer. As the administrator, you will have Full Control. It may however not be safe to give every other user the same Full Control. In my case, I only checked the Allow button for the Read & Execute List Folder Contents, and Read permissions. Decide what is best for you and check the respective boxes,
  • Click OK, and then Apply.
  • Click OK for the warnings that will follow.

Hope it will help you!