Files on My Passport External, then disappear



I recently purchased a 4TB External My Passport and created a new lightroom catalog on it as well as started loading my raw files. That was this afternoon and it was working well, then this evening, I sat down to start more work and when I clicked on my external hard drive, there is NO DATA AT ALL! I decided to give the computer a restart and then the data reappeared. It has since done this twice now. I’m afraid to continue with my work incase it doesn’t save properly. I can’t believe my files would just disappear and then re-appear once I restared my computer. I might add that I recently updated to High Sierra and it’s been a pain :frowning: Any help or suggestions are much appreciated!


Did you check the size of the drive to know if the data is occupying some space? If and when you see the data after restarting the Mac; try creating a disk image via Disk Utility to save the data.


I’m having the same issue. I don’t have anything running that is accessing the drive. The only way I can get to my data on the drive is to reboot. Not an optimal solution when I have a lot of photos that I keep on the drive and need to edit.


Just uninstall WD Discovery software, problem solved. Make sure to remove every single trace of WD software, it interferes with MacOS’ ability to wake/sleep hard drives.


What about the WD Drive utilities? Uninstall that too?


Throw it all out and see if it makes a difference.