Files On My Cloud are being copied on my other sync computers

I have just purchased an 8T WD My Cloud. I connected it my home network with no problems. Then, I synchronized all of my movie and photo files from my Mac to My Cloud.

However, when I tried to synchronized the files on my other Mac with My Cloud using the WD Sync software, the movie and photo files from the first Mac on My Cloud were copied to the second Mac, rather than synchronizing and copying the files of the second Mac to My Cloud.

Now, my second Mac’s hard disk is full because all the files on the first synchronized Mac were copied on the second Mac.

Am I doing something wrong?

Please help. Thanks

When you setup the WD Sync software on the second computer did you configure it to sync to the same Share/folder location that the WD Sync software is syncing to from the first computer? If so then WD Sync is working as intended. The solution is to change the sync location of the second computer so it uses a separate Share/folder on the My Cloud.

You may want to review the following WD Support documents to see if there is any solutions in them to your issue:

WD My Cloud Learning Center - How To Setup & Use WD Sync:

After synchronizing my two Macs with My Cloud using WD Sync software, all files from the first computer have been copied to my second computer. Now the hard disk on the second Mac is almost full.

I guess this is what WD Sync is intended to do.

Is there a way to undo synchronization process and delete the files which were copied from the first computer to the second one?

Thank you in advance for your help

Did you set both computer’s to sync to the same directory on the My Cloud? If so that explains why the second computer is being synced with data from the first computer.

The solution is to change the My Cloud sync directory on the second computer in the WD Sync program. If you used the same My Cloud User name on the second computer you may have to create or use a second My Cloud User name if you cannot force the WD Sync software on the second computer to use a different Share location.

As to removing the files you can always remove those manually using the Mac Finder.