Files on internal hard drive


     New owner here, probably stupid question…here goes.

I used an external WD Drive (elements) to copy over some media files to the internal drive… Music and Video. Everything plays fine through the USB connection off the external drive. When I try to access the internal drive it says no media is found.

I can see the info transferred over, 500 gigs free on the internal drive…Any settings I am missing to enable this?  Thought I saw that I may need to do transfers over a network…This true??

Thanks in advance…bob

Howdy.  Welcome aboard.

Exactly WHERE on the internal drive did you copy the files.

Did you rebuild the media library after the copy was completed?

I selected the folder I wanted to copy and directed it it what i am pretty sure is the root of the internal drive. nothing else on it.  Exactly how do you do a rebuild.  Is it a hard restart/boot? Sorry, not too much info on how to do some of these procudures…thanks

On the HUB go to Setup / System / Media Library, then select Clear Media Library.  Once it gets through compiling, go to Videos and see if the files are there.

If you still don’t see them, and you have your HUB on your network, you can check to see if your files are there from your PC.

Clear Media Library will erase anything that’s pulled via Get Content Info.

All you need to really do is “refresh” the media library by rebooting the Hub.   Two different ways to do it:

1>  Hold the power button on the remote down more than 3 seconds.   That will do a hard shutdown.   Then just restart it.


Thanks guys. At work right now, will give it a go when I get home and report back

Thanks again


Ahhh.  Success at last !

Although I had to roll back my firmware to 2.04. Resetting the hub did the trick. Thanks so much for the advice. Not sure why it did not work with the latest firmware…But from all accounts the bugs seemed to affect my set up. Coming from the Asus Player, which had tons of issues and a really crappy GUI I am quite glad at this point…Thanks again