Files not showing in network share after backup

I have performed a backup using the WD Smartwhere app, I have selected the files that I want to backup and performed the backup. It backs up ok, but when I look in the network share on my win 7 laptop, I can’t see any files in the shared folders??!! I would expect the backup to put the files into the correct share folder ie music into shared music. Are they files hidden as I can’t locate them? I can see there is data on the share. I used to have the older my world book and I had no problems seeing my files on that share. Many thanks.

The SmartWare backups are stored in a hidden network share named SmartWare. Files are stored in propriety format and can only be restored using SmartWare.

Thanks for the reply and I can now see the files. Just another question I have: If I want to use the wd apps on my iOS devices, which I do, for example all my pictures need to be in the shared pictures folder in the public share. I have copied my photos over and all works great on iPad and iPhone. What I would like is for any new folders that I add, such as a new photo album, the smart ware will update the NAS and my pictures folder but not the shared pictures in the public share! I really don’t want to have to keep copying files into the shares so I can see them on the wd apps!! Any ideas how I can achieve this? Many thanks.

Are the files stored in a propietry format or are the files just normally stored under the Smartware share?  This is a publis share that anyone on the LAN can access without the need for a username and/or password.

I’m asking because I’ve not managed to get the latest version of Smartware working on my computer. Something under .NET crashes as soon as I try start Smartware so it simply does not work so never managed to use it.

Hi PureChimpie, can you share how you managed to see the backup files on your ipad?

For me, I had to manually copy the files to my public folder. Using smartware software, the files are hidden!

Unfortunately I had to also drag the files into the public folder to be able to view on my ios devices. It looks like we have to continually drag and update the files, I was hoping it would just back the files up and they are then available to all devices.

I don’t understand why, when the backup is completed it doesn’t just put them into the public shares?  Or at least give us an option to do that!

Ah I see…yes the backup puts in a hidden area where we do not see it.

After which we have to manually drag the files into public folder to see on ipad.

So I have to keep dropbox after all.

I am now configuring a workaround :

PC —> Syncback software —> Public folder

Should be ok for now, though it wil be ideal for WD to enhance the backup software.

I am still tryin to figure out how to create a private share for WD2go to view on ipad

Can you elaborate on the work around please? 

PC —> Syncback software —> Public folder


Sorry I think I understand, syncing the backup files to the public shares.  Any suggestions on the best way to do this?  I have looked at Windows sync but that doesn’t seem quite right?!

Hi its really simple. download syncback software.

what i do now is:

  1. write files into folder on pc

  2. launch and run syncback

  3. syncback will update the folder from pc into MBL

  4. that way i can access the files from ipad…

Cool ,I am using allway sync and it’s working well :slight_smile: Thanks for your help.