Files not showing from Windows 10

I am having an interesting problem.

Just the other day we could not view any file extension other than picture files (jpg, gif, ect.) All other file extensions are not showing up. Folders without a pictures are just showing as empty. This is happening with both Windows 10 machines.

When I access the NAS with Linux Mint, I can see all the file extensions and everything is still there.

Could someone please help to unravel this mystery?

Did you try disabling the option to hide known extensions in Windows Explorer?

Somehow I solved the issue. I am not sure which thing the fix was but it works now.

I am pretty sure it was the ZoneAlarm Firewall.

First, I couldn’t map to public. Once I lowered the security level from Paranoid to Regular I was able to map public. The files were all there and I was able to open them. I don’t know if ZoneAlarm filters file extensions but I am thinking this was the answer. There was a new update about the same time the MBL “lost” the files.

The other things I did…

  1. Full diagnostic
  2. Paperclip reset on the back

I am transferring all my important stuff to a portable hdd. Not that I don’ trust the MBL…but that scared the snot out of me…ok, so maybe I don’t trust it.

For now all is well and I am back.