Files not populating when logging into files.mycloud

When logging into My Cloud through the web app, only files that are saved into a dedicated folder can be seen i.e. Movies/Zombie movie/actual file. However when connecting to the drive at home or through the mobile app on my phone I can see all of the files. Why is this?


Does the user that you have setup on the web files and on the mobile app have the same access to the shares?

Yes the access level is the same since it is the same user. I played with this aspect in the dashboard even went so far as to re-register the laptop that is having the issue. I can get access with the app while on the same network no problem but when Im on a differenct network, I cant connect. Again, this is only with my Surface Pro 3 running windows 10, my other devices connect with no issues. Thanks again for your time in this.