Files not found


I seem to face a serious defect in the Mycloud Home.

First: I use MacOS on a Mac Pro. WD Discovery 3.0.377, MyCloud

The issue is with a shell script. It does a large find on all my lossless music ripped from my CDs stored on the Mycloud Home. My script converts these to AAC. But the mere task is actually irrelevant.

The find already fails to deliver all relevant files: the same command (find in a script, so not typos) delivers in three runs three different amounts of files: 6401, 2406, 10506. This is already way south of usable. I assume that some directories just get chopped on the network transfer. As this is an ancient Unix command and I have just about 30 years of experience with Unix, we might exclude a user-error on running the find-command.

The thing is … the script runs once and converts a chunk of files. It is designed to skip files that are already existing. Running the second time, sporadically files get converted, again. Seems that the test in bash [[ -f filename ]] also sporadically returns a wrong result. So the files are there, but they do not get recognized. Again a sign for incomplete or faulty directory access.

On each run, other files get reported missing … while I am pretty sure that they are present. Some runs do not report any missing files, on the next run some are reported missing again. Just my script does not delete anything.

Sorry to say, but this is unusable for any purpose. The drive behaving like this is as expensive as worthless for any halfway serious use. If “guessing” is the way to access your previous data, there is probably something wrong in the concept.

Anybody having a hint on what to do with this (beta firmware with fixes, anything)?

WD Discovery uses a Call Back File System to mount the network drive on the macOS. Also, MCH is not a NAS as we all know NAS such as a My Cloud. This KBA may help explain things a bit