Files not backing up

A sudden change, maybe since the last firmware update, until then all seemed well.

I have added photos, thinking (incorrectly apparently) they were being backed up immediately to my server. It had been working that way for some time.

Server set to backup files continuously, Now it appears it is not backing up anything, not new files, no changes. The ONLY reason I have a server is to backup my files. If it can’t backup my files due to a firmware change, that is unacceptable. To have no indications that the server is not backing things up, also unacceptable, That I cannot change how it backs up any longer (in other words I can’t change from continuous to scheduled as all I get is an error). Yep, you guess it, unacceptable, and unacceptable.

This needs to be fixed as soon as possible, if I can’t rely on my server for backup, and I have far too much for cloud backups, WD goes on my never buy again list

How are you backing up your files? Do you use a particular backup application? Are you using Internal backups or USB backups?

I am using the WD smartware application that was updated in December. Since the update, the files are no longer being backed up. I have confirmed this by l following the path to the location in the EX4, and noted files added to the computer disks, are not being added to the backup.

The backups are to the internal drives on the EX4, I do not use USB since it rarely works anyway.