Files not backed up

On the Smartware backup tab there is a spot that says; files not backed up. On the view files window, it says the parameter is incorrect for each file not backed up. Does anyone know what this means? Thanks

you are talking about the gray and yellow “bar graphs” right?

that global view just shows you how many files are on your computer.  Then it breaks it down into stuff backed up and not backed up.

If you are doing category backup, then the “not backed up” would be things like temp files, system files, or other files not in those categories.

if you are doing file/folder backup, then that shows how many files you have on your PC that you didn’t opt to backup.

I have a very similar question, but this answer did not help, so I thought I’d add to the question.

In the SmartWare software, over on the right hand side, I see a yellow warning triangle with a “Files Not Backed Up” warning, showing (for me) three files not backed up.   Looking inside the “view files” link, I see that there are three files.   These are music files, and I think what happened is that my backup is set to back up my iTunes folder, and in that folder is an Automatically Add to iTunes folder.  My guess is that I had files going into that and moving out of that folder.  In the meantime, Smartware was trying to back these “moving” files up, and could no finish the job.

Q:  this was back in October 2012.  These same three files ALWAYS show as “Not Backed Up”.  Is there a way to delete this “Not Backed up” list, or reset it?  I know these files are not backed up, and won’t ever be backed up.