Files not backed up - pending backup


I have a 1T My Passport Essential SE (about 6 months old) that works very well but each time I back up my laptop, it fails to back up the same file which is:  Lightroom 4 Catalog with a file extension of .lrcat which is about 112 MB in size.  The reason given in the dialog box is “Pending Backup.”  However, it never gets backed up and I back up the hard drive every day.  I do a lot of image processing with Adobe Photoshop CS6 and use Lightroom 4 for image file management and some early camera raw processing.  To my knowledge, there is nothing special about this file but it never gets backed up.

Does anyone have any idea why and what I can do about it?  The dialog box gives no other options.



This are the files that smartware supports and back up.

Thanks.  I had already checked this list but it does NOT mention the “lrcat” file extension either as a supported or unsuported file extension.  So, I am still in the dark.

Thanks for the reply.  Any other ideas?


CAll WD tech support and ask them to transfer you to level 2, I believe they have the complete list of all the supported and unsupported files.