Files.mycloud login down?

Same issues here. No access to’s login page and no cloud access to my EX4100 or PR4100.

Hi all,

I have same issue, and I am from Hong Kong.

I don’t think this is my drive problem as I have remote access to my home computer and checked, it can access via LAN.

Also when I access to, and click sign in, it return a blank page, I have not signed in yet, so the issue should not be on my drive.

I also tried to access via iPhone app, but it always say my drive offline.

Tried to access, and click sign in from different device / browser and all the same.

So the issue is on WD unable to load the sign in page.

WD should have someone to fix it immediately!!!

Same issue in Ireland. Was working last night when I first set it up - not working today either in MyCloud android app or in 2 browsers on Linux desktop

Same here, trying to access from Croatia (MyCloud EX2). I have it for a month now, and I must say the Cloud access is more often not working than working. In fact in these 30 days it was working 3-4 times, while for the rest it was not accessible from the outside.

That should be really embarrassing for a company like WD. I went for a brand rather then for a budget product, but now I see this was a huge mistake.

P. S. No, it has NOTHING to do with my router, or the software, or the fact that “it needs a factory reset” - because occasionally (seldom, though) it does work with the same setup. is responding with the same blank page it has been displaying for a week now. This needs to get fixed ASAP. Every browser, every device.

The latest post from the WD Staff is mycloud is running stable. I however am still getting the same problem and it has been almost a half hour since it was “resolved”. Are there any others getting this still getting this problem?

still drawing a blank page. they need to get ANY developer to handle these javascript exceptions. looks like someone probably commited a dev branch. oops!

I have a slightly different error. Perhaps they are working on it.

Hi @ac_crusade & @cmmiller80 - Thanks for reporting that you are still having issues. I’ll pass along the error screens to the team that was working on this issue.

EDIT: Actually, before I do that can either of you confirm you are still having issues? It’s been a few hours since your post and if this was DNS or a networking issue of some kind it sometimes takes a few hours for changes to reach everywhere.

Hi @Great_Scottt, I am still getting the same error. I have tried multiple browsers and have cleared the cache as well. If I try or I can see the option to sign in but then returns to a blank screen as well.

Thanks for the additional information.

I believe the service is back in working order. I was able to login via this morning.

Awesome. Please let us know if the issue occurs again.

I’m afraid I still have the problem partially. I still unable to connect via desktop. I have clear the cache in both a firefox and IE to test and still end up at a blank screen. However, I took a phone that was not connected to the wifi and was able to get to sign-in and find the device is showing offline.

I have two other users that are setup to the drive and I had them try as well, but they are coming up to the blank screen as well. We are both in Idaho and have cleared our cache.

i still cant list my files from
it says Nas (the nick name of my My Cloud device) is off

but i can get in to it from the android app,
please help !!

After another couple of hours, I was finally able to login and had the same problem as @WebsGhost. I was able to connect back by rebooting the drive and then turn off / on the remote cloud access. I then checked the router and had to reboot and make sure the ports were open then reboot the drive once more.

I originally tried to deal with the router first but the drive was not communicating to the router or at least I could not see it via the logs. After the steps above, I could finally see it in the logs and then on mycloud about 10 mins later.


look at my thread !! you won’t believe what I had to do for resolving the problem

I am also having this same issue.
This has been going on for about two months.
Edit. Sorry for the Necro post. Wasn’t paying attention.