Files missing from myCloud Home


I have a myCloud Home I use for Plex. I have a lot of videos on there and I’ve now had at least 3 files going missing (Plex no longer shows them - and if I browse to the folder the file isn’t there either).

I have 2 questions:
Is there a way to do a diagnostic on it so I can determine if there’s some issue with it? I don’t want to lose my video files over time?

Is there any way to recover missing files?

Many thanks!

Thanks for replying - not sure why you’re talking about conspiracy theories? If some files go missing (due to corruption for example), it’s not unreasonable to expect that further files may get corrupted. Regarding having a second backup, I do indeed have one, but that is really not answering the question here.

In terms of recovering data, of course I don’t mean an actual data recovery service. The question was more directed at any kind of tools which may available from WD in order to scan for broken/corrupted files and recover them. Or enable some kind of versioning.