Files missing from list view depending on sort option

I’m having something wierd happen with my Hub.  It’s new and as far as I can tell it has always done this so it is not a new thing but a flaw in the software design.  If I turn off Media Library I can see all  the files on my network share.  If I turn on Media Library and sort alphabetically I get a list of the folders in alphabetical order then the file list starts with files starting with P then the R, then the C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P (again), R (again), S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z.  As you can see I’ve lost the ability to see or access any file starting with an A or B.  If I sort into reverse alphabetical order I can get the As and Bs at the end of the list (so they obviously exist in the Media Library), but then I lose the Ws (I don’t have any X,Y,Z files) right after the folder list. 

Also if anyone can explain what sort by date does (it certainly doesn’t sort by modificationd date) I’d be grateful.  As far as I can tell it’s basically a randomize feature :slight_smile:

I have since I first posted this, rebuild the media library twice to the same result.  It looks like I have to choose between using the media library and seeing all my files.  It would be a non-issue (I don’t care about the media library) except the only way to queue files is to enable the media library (which should not be).

A Firmware update was just released today, you could try updating your WD TV Live Hub Media Center. It could help with the Library issue your are currently facing.

For more information, please see:

WD TV Live Hub Media Center Update Page

Installed the update.  Still same problem.

I have not, personally, seen files that disappear from my Hub. Can you look at the same files, through a PC on the network?

Just adding my 2 cents but I think the files may have changed attributes if you can’t see them. I had a program do that to me a while back… just thinking you may have encountered the same edge of the Twilight Zone :slight_smile:

Thanks for the thought.

When I have Media Library off and I view a network share I see all my video files and folders.

When I turn Media Library on and sort in alphabetical order what I should get in list view is all my folders in alphabetical order, then all my files in alphabetical order.  What I get in reality is all my folders in alphabetical order, and then my files starting with p, then r, then c, d, e, f,  etc. all the way to z.  So in the place of my files starting with a and b, I get p and r. (I don’t have any files that start with q).

If I change the order to reverse alphabetical I should get all the folders from z to a, then all the files from z to a.  The folders appear fine but after the last folder when I should get the files that start with z, y, w I instead get other files.  However at the end of the list of files, the files that I could not see in alphabetical order now appear (namely the files starting with b, and a).

So the only way with Media Library to see the files that start with a and b I have to use reverse alphabetical order (and then I can’t see the files beginning with w, y, z) and the only way I can see files beginning with w, y, z is to use alphabetical order (and then I can’t see the files beginning with a and b).

Media Library can see all my files, however depending on what sort option is used some aren’t displayed.  This means there is no attribute issue on the files.  It appears the issue is happening right at the border between listing the folders and listing the files.

This really would be a non-issue for me.  I have no use for Media Library, except the programmers tied the ability to Queue videos and search into the Media Library, for no apparent reason :angry:.  So if I want to queue a file or search for a file I have to turn media library on, which shouldn’t be a requirement for those features. :angry: