Files in use - cannot be deleted

I had 2 backup files, one made by Nero Backup Maker, and one made by  ASCOMP Backup Maker.  Both programs encountered an error while making a backup, and left a file behind which could not be deleted because the system said it was in use.  

The firmware wa updated, and the drive rebooted.  The files then could be deleted.  As I recall, I had already tried rebooting the drive.  Is there something in the software update which has solved this problem, or will I encounter this problem again if back up software encounters an error like the previous ones did?

Login in to the shell with SSH (first enable it if you have not done it yet) and:

rm -rf filename

Always solves problems like these.

Thanks.  I had to check a couple of other pages about enabling ssh, but I know what the solution is if this problem occurs again.

If the problem occurs again, you may prefer to send a 

rm -f filename

just in case, to play it safe. Because if for some reason you use rm -rf on a folder (by mistake), you will destroy the folder and all its files and subdirectories.

rm -f will just delete the file or answer with an error if you make a mistake.