Files getting copied and renamed while syncing

Dear WD Community,

We are a small Consultant Company with around six to eight PCs. All the systems has Autocad and SketchUp files. That means the dwg files are being updated in minute details continuously.

In all the systems I have seen a big drawback that after all files get uploaded the WD Sync in order to be updated, creates some duplicate files with some date extention in its name. I am attaching one such screen shot.

In the below Screen Shot you can see that there is file duplicated with name Eng._Fahad-2016-09-24_20-52-09-722 . This creates a irritation to the user. This behaviour of WD is not at all bearable.

So the question is this WD MYCLOUD compatible with such application files where it is continuosly getting updated with minute details. How can I get rid of this thing while keeping the WD Sync active.

The Manual says this syncing is not compatible with execution files. So does the same applies to the dwg. files also…?


I don’t think WD Sync is happy that files are open when it’s trying to sync them. IIRC, it puts a timestamped copy in a ‘pending’ folder.

It will also support file version storage:

Sadly, I cannot find a combined user manual for WD Sync, only a set of ‘KnowledgeBase’ articles, which seem pretty light on detail:

Other sync tools are available…


WD Sync has an internal conflict resolution algorithm that prevents the deletion or overwriting the most recent updated / saved file. When there’s a conflict, Sync will timestamp and save both files to prevent data loss.

Thanks for the reply guys. It would be better if there is option to make that additional files as hidden to avoid the user confusion. Secondly, the employees here are not much aware of computer stuff. So I have to check on every PC status manually. I was thinking this WD is not suitable for commercial use.

The only option I have is to upload at a time all the files and uninstall the app. Thus it can be used as just a backup rather than a real time one.

Now I am using WDSMARTWARE app for backup. It is working nice and till now I didn’t notice any problem of duplicate file behaviour as in WD sync app.
I can set up frequency of backup and the app can handle uploading whole Disks having 300Gb data etc.,.