Files from other PC hidden

I’m working with a MyBook for video editing and such. Yesterday at a meeting we manually synced all the files we were working on, on a different PC I normally use. I changed my main folder’s name to *old and copy pasted a new folder with the original name. Back at home the *old folder has the original name again (on my own PC) and the new folder is gone… For some reason it’s hidden for my PC (not the usual Windows hidden that can be easily fixed), when I check the size of the disk there is indeed 250GB missing, or hidden for my PC.

How do I gain access to this folder, why would it be hidden for my PC? Please help :frowning: Thanks!

Files copied via WD SmartWare or WD Backup are not meant to be manipulated. This can corrupt the backup.

I’d recommend sending an E-mail to WD Support about this. It would be best to provide as many details as possible with regards to the issue, and they may contact you over the phone if more info is needed.