Files/folders not showing up on attached drive


I have a WD My cloud 4TB into which I have plugged in and external HD via USB. 

This external drive has two folders at the root level and under each one a load more folders.  Problem is that

one of the two folders is not visiable when browsed from a laptop (Win 8.1) and the other, although visible has folders that cannot be viewed either. 

It’s a bit hit and miss really.  There’s no Windows permisions differences that would effect this. 

Any ideas what I need to do so that *all* folders are visible from a PC or tablet that is browsing via a share (\MyCloud).

Actually, as I’ve typed this a subfolder which was not visible before has now just become visible.  Does Windows have to scan and build a folder/file list each time it connects or will these folders be remembered?


I have a pair of USB 3.0 drives which need to be switched off when not in use due to the drives not spinning down
I always eject the drives before switching off and files are usually available about 30 seconds after switching on.permissions are retained too.
Both drives have TB’S of movies so plenty of folders.
BTW I am using V3 firmware after several nightmare attempts to upgrade to V4 which always ended up with the USB drives not being recognised and the WDMYCLOUD becoming totally unresponsive and disconnected.
At one time after ejecting the drives on V4 firmware the directory structure and boot sector of one drive was corrupted and needed disk check to rebuild it before I could use it again


I upgraded the firmware last night and left it to do a full self test (all night), all seemed ok ths morning. 

What I did notice was that (from the PC) some folders showd up and then when I went back later they had dissapeared.  I think this happended when once I started to copy (using the My Cloud tool) files onto the the My Cloud from a USB attached HD.  

I really struggle to see a use for this drive.  It takes so long to get files on to it and even then they appear and dissapear randomly.