Files fail to back up

mybook is set up on my windows pc -it is hooked up properly - I can manually copy and paste files onto the external drive, but when it doing automatically, I get the message “some files failed to back up” (in fact they are not backed up at all. I have twice removed the my book software and reinstalled, but I continue to get the message “some files failed to back up”


It is possible the files are being used by another program. Can you please share the type of files the software is unable to back up and your computer’s operating system?

Either WD Backup or WD Smartware allows you to see the files by clicking “View Files” from the software interface.

I was using WD Backup - didn’t work. Downloaded and used WD Smartware and while slow, did finally back everything up. Not sure what the problem was, but it seems to be fixed.Thies was way more complicated than Seagates backup that I had previously.