Files doubled up

I seem to be getting some of my files doubled up when i view them on my TV

If i view them on my laptop via the Mycloud app i do not see doubles.

Also some files have strange file names across the sceen when veiwing the tiles on the TV is like some metadata is being read somewhere else.

I checked and my drive has the latest firmware.

Also i did a full test on the drive which took all night and it passed that

I have only just finished putting a heap of files on it so have not really had a chence to fully test its access externally although some trials need it restarted or it would buffer constantly on my phone.

i have a 4TB unit that has 3.5tb free.

I do hope i can sort this out as i do like what the drives offers



I seem to be getting some of my files doubled up when i view them on my TV

What model is your TV?  Not all DLNA devices behave ‘properly’…

Have you looked into configuring the Twonky media server (that’s what is letting your TV access media files).  It sometimes gets confused with media lists.  You might look at this thread for some tips on getting Twonky working reliably:

or it would buffer constantly on my phone.

Remote access to media on your MyCloud needs a good uplink rate on your broadband connection to be able to stream media out to the internet, and down to your phone.  Depending on the image quality, you are likely to need 3-4Mbps uplink rate to view video without buffering issues.  Even uncompressed audio requires 1440kbps.  You’ll also need this as a download rate on your phone.

Hey thanks for the quick reply i will look into that tonight after work

And i will get back to you

Thanks for the heads up it seems i might have had a wonky tonky.

But i did make some changes in there its a whole other world finding that lol

Still need to question the 3-4mbs upload as i checked and am only getting about 0.5 but the other night i was testing it while driving and i played a movie for about 10mins before it statring buffering.Could that be cache or just sheer arse it played for that long.Only because when i was having issues internally i was getting buffering every 10secs