Files doesn't show up on WD passport while space is occupied

Hi guys,
When I plug my WD passport (500GB) on my mac or the one of my friend, my 70GB of music does not show up anymore.
It is weird because a 70GB space is taken, the two folders where my music is supposed to be shows up as well, but when I open the folder… nothing.
I checked if the files where hidden, not the case.

Im so desperate, I really hope someone can help me out

Have you run a First Aid on your Passport?

Also check with your model number if your drive is compatible with WD Drive Utilities for MAC so you can run a Quick or Complete Drive Test, Your data might be corrupted

Thanks for your answer JcVeras.
When you say “run a First Aid on my passport”… Do you mean analyzing and trying to repair it via the Disk Utility?
Because I did. See below what it says.
It’s in French but it says, “process failed, save your data”.
I could not install the WD Drive Utilities for MAC. I think the app is obsolete

Your hard drive has problem, and it may soon fail. Please backup as much data as possible either through Time machine or disk imaging. In my opinion, you should surely get a data recovery application also if the disk backup doesn’t get completed successfully.

Try Professional Data Recovery Software for Mac to Recover Deleted Files - Stellar Data Recovery Professional for Mac

You can run the data recovery software and check the ‘drive selection’ if the software can scan << preview your inaccessible data? In worse cases, at least you can register the software and recover your music files. (This is when backup can’t be made, otherwise you won’t require a data recovery app soon)