Files Disappeared

My easystore hard drive is very new. I have yearly folders created to store photos for that year. A few weeks ago, i upload all of my pictures from my phone to my main directory planning to sit down and organize and move them to the appropriate yearly folder. Which was today. I selected all of the photos from 2016 (about 250). I saw many others from 2017 through 2021 which also needed to be moved. So I did a cut and paste into the 2016 folder, when it was completed I went back and attempted to move 2017 - but there were no files for 2017 thru 2021. Gone. I didnt get any errors. So, i thought maybe I selected all pictures in error and checked my 2016 folder and only the ones I selected were moved there properly.
I tried sorting my folders by last updated date. 2016 is the only folder updated recently. I contacted WD customer service which was pretty useless. This is pretty alarming to me. I did nothing to think that I deleted or did anything to delete my pictures. Has anyone had this issue?
Customer service pointed me to vendors to maybe restore my drive, which I am exploring but not sure if this is just a waste of time. Anyone have any ideas or insight?

Mine does something similar. I have to restart my computer to see the contents of the partitioned drives. Have you restarted the computer to see if they are there after?

Yes, I have. Still not there. Thanks for the suggestion :slight_smile: