Files disappear, then reappear at

I could really use your help here, folks.

I’m using a WD10000H1CS-00 with Windows XP.

The drive has over 1100 folders (containing only video files) and is 11 gigs from capacity.

After using the device for less than 4 minutes, the files can no longer be read, and the folders list as empty.

After unplugging the device and waiting a minute or so before plugging it back in, the folders reappear and files are accessable again for around 4 minutes.

I have installed the new firmware, and I have uninstalled WD Device Manager, but neither has had any effect.

Any and all assistance is most welcome.

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Quick question, are you getting any error messages? If you connect the drive to another computer do you encounter the same issue?

I’m not getting any error messages, nor does the problem duplicate when I use the drive on another PC (my laptop). My other external drive (3 TB) isn’t having the same problem, so I’m disinclined to think the issue is related to the USB ports on my desktop PC.

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I wonder if the drive is getting to full you say there is only 11 gig left. I’ve heard of people having problems when a drive gets past about 90% full.


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