Files deleted on WD MyCloud - Ho to undelete?


by mistake I have deleted some files on my WD MYCloud. How can I undelete the files?

Thanx Karl

There is no reasonable methode to undelete, if much data was writen to the drive since this any chance is extremly slim

a recovery service may be able to but is expensive

pulling the hard drive and putting it in a runing linux server, there are some utilities that may work

I am a firm believe of having files in at least 2 locations, 1 offsite is best

I´ve stopped the mycloud immidiately after deleting the files, so no more data is written after deletig the files.

Is there a chance with a live linux system when I connect the harddsik to my dektop?

Or can I access the mycloud via usb, so that I can use windows tools like O&O DiskRecovery?

And which tools do I need?

search google you will find windows freeware to recover lost data from ext4 partition  or click  here

try to see if you can revover from network fom you pc

if not open the mycloud and plug the drive into your computer

more confortable doing it from linux ?

if you don’t have linux computer handy

open the mycloud and plug the drive into your computer

download linux distribution here 

create a live linux usb disk with this utility, boot from it, download and install this program

scan and copy the files to an another drive

unfortuantly I don’t recall the details but if you have a running Linux system and remove the drive from the mycloud you should have a good chance.

I don’t know if it requires a certain distribution of Linux or what the utilies are

hopefully someone can help with details on this

There is an alternative way so you can get your files back using third party recovery software. You don’t need to have Linux Boot CD or any distro to run this software. Just a simple Windows based computer and few simple steps and that’s it.

Consider downloading this software from  here and post you results.

i have downloaded the software, but mycloud doesn’t show up on the data recovery screen only my hdd. Do I need to remove the drive from the mycloud and connect it directly to my laptop?

Yes you need to remove the drive and use a SATA adapter to connect to a USB port for example. Opening up the NAS will void your warranty.

Hi Gostorm,

If possible, please post back your progress on this.