Files Deleted After Trying Auto Backup Feature

Today, I have tried auto backup feature in the Mycloud iOS app. After I realized I have selected Public folder for backing up my data, I cancelled the process thru switching off Auto Backup feature. I was going to create a new folder for Backing up and then was going to switch on the auto backup feature. However, without switching it back on, I realized some of my folders were missing. I didn’t understand why it happened. I thought maybe if I reboot the device everything might go back to normal. But when I rebooted it, everything went missing. There was nothing left. The device was saying my entire hard disk is empty however there was more than 100gb of data there and wiping that off under a minute is very unlikely I guess. So anyone can help me figure out what can I do to bring back the data?

I’m using a Mac and just updated to High Sierra. My Cloud’s firmware was the last version. I don’t know if you need any additional info, please just let me know.

I don’t know how to recover it, but what probably happened was the backup was set to mirror the data on the mycloud, mirroring will remove the file index information of files not present on the device being backed up from the chosen storage location first, so the files on both devices match each other.